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I'd be more than willing to bet the FF XIII is on 4 dvds for 360. Obviously ps3 will have one. I own both systems, but I'm starting to like my playstation 3 more and more.....Sony's exclusives are killing Microsoft, Infamous (brilliant), Uncharted 2 (speaks for itself) Little Big Planet, and upcoming games like GOW3 and The Last Guardian are all out of control

Then again, if you're a multiplayer buff, 360 is much better than ps3. I find myself enjoying single player games a lot more lately, xbox has been invaded by douche bag frat boys and little kids

The one thing that MS has that Sony doesn't right now is word of mouth. Ask a parent of 13 year old what videogame system they want and they will pretty much say xbox or Wii. PS3 is really an after thought, but Sony launched after MS, so they had a year to get known. But yeah I don't see Sony dominating like it did with PS1 and PS2. Hmm I think I might go and play Disgaea or Rogue Galaxy on my PS3. I still can't believe Sony took out bc, I will cherish my 60GB for all time just for the fact that it can play PS2 games. The weirdest thing I was doing was playing FFVI on my PS3, a SNES game emulated on a PS1 which is emulated on PS3. No hiccups at all.
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