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I can understand your concern for the safety of your kids but that is pretty much impossible. Unless they are locked into a smallish closet with someone smoking large amounts of marijuana there is little chance of any secondary contact high and there is no possibility of addiction from a chance encounter with some second hand smoke. I've been plenty of places with people smoking marijuana around me and the onlytime I ever got high from being near it was when I was sitting in the back seat of my friends little VW hatchback and three other people completely "hotboxed" the car (filled the entire passenger cabin with thick smoke). But that time the smoke was so thick that just being in the car was roughly equivalent to taking a pull right out of the bong. It was so thick I had trouble breathing at all and had to get out of the car. Other than that I've been in large rooms with lots of people smoking, closed garages with a group of about twenty people smoking, concerts where the entire row in front of me seemed to be smoking, and been exposed to second hand marijuana smoke in many different ways on many occaisions but only once, under the most extreme conditions, did I ever catch a buzz from that exposure.

So, unless you are expecting some hippies to do a drive by stoning where they grab your kid and hold him in the back of a VW van blowing thick plumes of smoke in his face then it is not very likely that your kid will be exposed to that level of second hand marijuana smoke until he is a teenager and is hanging out with his friends and they decide to "hotbox" a small car or closet or something.

Also, people would not be smoking it "everywhere all day long" anymore than they do already. Marijuana may be illegal but that doesn't mean it's not ubiquitous already.

and marijuana is not addictive, tobacco IS ADDICTIVE. how many people get addicted to tobacco via second hand smoke? why is this not a worry for the person you quoted...

edit: nm you totally coverd that a few posts up

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