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Saudis in Aooodis v. "Merkin Values"

I cringe every time I see Obama butt-kissing the Saudis, who execute more people per month than ISIS.... for being gay or criticizing their government or religion. Let's not even go into the whole women can't go out in public without a man, drive, or wear anything but the beekeeper suit....Then he trolls the nation about American Values and how terrible Putin is.

Iraq - had nothing to do with 9/11, we all know this now. In fact Al Qaeda previously named Iraq a threat to fundamental Islam due to Saddam's secular regime.

Syria is infinitely more progressive than Saudi Arabia - BUT WAIT WE MUST SAVE THEM!

There were proven Al Qaeda ties to Saudi Arabia a long time ago and now this:

Soooooooooo yeah. Basically all this about human rights and American values is
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