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Many -- if not all -- of Moussaoui's statements over the years have been called into question.

During his 2006 sentencing trial, an expert witness testified that Moussaoui suffered from delusional paranoid schizophrenia. He was prone to loud and disruptive outbursts during that trial, and guards testified he would sometimes make irrational claims to them.

He has also asked for certain concessions in exchange for testimony, such as a warmer cell in a different unit of the supermax prison.

Of course they are called into question - and yes, I know about this - the article i linked says all of this too.

I firmly believe it's more likely than not, that the Saudis paid Al Qaeda, and probably still do. Are you saying it sounds improbable? Their goals are the same, their means are similar to the point of sameness - executions and corporal punishment etc

let's look at what we know for a fact:

-Saudis subsidized the Mujahideen along with CIA (operation Cyclone)
-Saudi Arabia is an oppressive, religious dictatorship that has nothing in common with the US except fearing change of regime
-US is butt buddies with Saudi Arabia

Regardless of what their own people and US government are saying, it only makes sense. US and the Saudis banded together against a "common enemy" ie the USSR. Saudis feared that Muslim countries would tumble into modernity as USSR built one poly-technical institute in Afghanistan after another, promoted literacy and equal rights for women, etc. You've seen the pictures from the 1960s versus today right? Meanwhile US feared that socialism would spread like wild fire. Both regimes were interested in maintaining status quo and keeping the elite structures in place, none of it had a damn thing to do with human rights.

The fact that Obama defends them is hilarious, same as Bush and everyone before them. Clearly shows that when it comes to the big issues, dems and repubs are two sides of the same coin. Perhaps the biggest hypocrisy is the whole quest against communism starting right after WW2:

"We are a democracy! Democracy means PEOPLE choose how they live!"

Oh shit, communism is becoming popular and winning primaries in Ohio/other union states. Quick, arrest them all for treason! Boycott Cuba, they chose to live incorrectly. Invade Vietnam, they chose to live incorrectly! Support fundamental Islamist terrorism in other countries that are friendly with USSR, they are about to chose to live incorrectly.....

Bunch of lies and nonsense, right down to anti-Russian sanctions and the cuban embargo. If a country chose a regime, leave them alone. Why shouldn't your citizens, and theirs, be able to do business and have relations, just because some corporate-whore fuckwits in congress are afraid of socialism Listen to Obama justify our relations with Saudi Arabia, deplore the Cuban embargo and call for more sanctions against Russia in one speech. it's hilarious.

In short, i don't give a shit if we do business with the Saudis and look the other way at everything they do. However either do that to all countries, or none at all. You can't in all seriousness pick and choose and lie with a straight face about why we're doing it. But, but... merkin values! We must, you know, spread them.... in certain cases
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