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The guy's info:
(snipped, it's above), this is about designatedd/dustin leavy
BTW, i didn't provide the number for you to prank call it, but rather to know if you are in a deal with him.

The story:

First: I didn't lose any money to the guy, but he lied to me for two weeks about the status of the transaction. He's certainly not someone I would trust with my money before I got goods.

On June 21, this person contacted me via AIM in response to a WTB thread I posted on for a iPod. This was a 10GB, 2nd generation iPod. He originally wanted $200 but went as low as $140 since he wanted the money for a camera. I agreed to paypal upon reciept of the iPod and gave him my UPS account number to ship it, he promised to ship on Monday (7/23). On Monday he said he was unable to ship it and that he would ship tommorrow. He indicated that Fedex may be more convienient so I gave him my Fedex account number as well. On Tueday, June 24, I unsuccessfully attempted to contact him via AIM. He "signed off" after some of my IMs but appeared to be online when I used a different screen name.

On June 25 I called and spoke to his mom who agreed to ship the iPod via USPS at work the next day. I heard nothing further until yesterday (Tuesday, July 2) when he sent the following email:

"sry man, but at the last second i found someone whgo
was willing to pay
180 for it."

My response to that email was as follows. I phoned him today and he hung up.

"Actually, you lied to me. I bought $100+ of accessories (case, power adaptor, FM transmitter, software, etc) for this iPod. I need it for a trip for which I am leaving Thursday. Furthermore, your mom confirmed that she would be shipping it when I called Wednesday. Now I am out $100 in accessories which are absolutely useless considering I am leaving for a long trip soon and needed the iPod for that- and you didn't even have the courtesy to notify me ahead of time so I could find another iPod. I intend on calling tommorrow and explaining this situation to your mom since she agreed to send it to me."

My other threads concerning this:

Thank god I'm not out money. I'd advise extreme caution when dealing with this person.

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