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Up to your usual hypocrisies huh badger?
I like how you attempt to strike at the credibility of the IPCC with terribly unreliable sources. Tom Hariss, the former operations director of the High Park Group, a lobbying firm for the Canadian Electricity Association and the Canadian Gas Association among others.

lol JOHN MCLEAN? Do you mean THIS John Mclean?

That's from his own fucking webpage. LAWL.

Oooh. A .gov source. Funny how the only support you can find on a .gov page is on the republican senate website.

Let's check out what happens when I click over to the majority pages on the same fucking domain.

Looks like the president seems to think global warming is noteworthy.

Ooh nice. A wikipedia list of individual scientists who oppose global warming. Here is a wikipedia list of internationally recognized scientific institutions that accept global warming.

Not to say that those 400 scientists are automatically worth dismissing, but their credentials are no more valid than any of the institutions listed here.
Cue your grant money conspiracy theory.

Now how many of them resigned when the IPCC misused the report
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