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I'm sure Activision has a great deal of control over IW, but this is just unbelievable. I can't help but hold IW and their lame twitter-loving "community manager" responsible for this. They've become smug and arrogant after the massive sales and popularity of Modern Warfare.

I guess it can be surmised that the guaranteed community backlash will impact sales of Modern Warfare 2. Then, based on the reduced sales numbers, IW can then blame the decline of PC gaming popularity and piracy for the lack of a PC version of the next Call of Duty game.

When asked, Robert is very clear about the role Activision plays in the development of Modern Warfare 2 - “None”.

"Activision is the publisher and it is their job to handle the business side of the industry. They make sure to get all the games to the stores, worry about pricing and marketing. Infinity Ward is the one focusing on all the creative stuff. The collector editions we came up with are our own ideas and work. Only when the decision is made at Infinity Ward, Activision is contacted to work out all the logistics."

Valve has it SO RIGHT with the way TF2 is implemented on the PC. Modern Warfare 2 on the PC should have been implemented the same way, with Steam integration and dedicated servers. Now that the game is history, are there any upcoming tactical FPS games that will work this way? I have heard that the CS creator is working on a new FPS based on the Source engine, but I think it still uses non-respawning rounds like CS, so that makes me disinterested. I guess I just want something like DoD:S with modern weapons and features.

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