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Canonical has generally made support for powerpc smaller and smaller over time.

So far as distros, you might take a look at Debian, Fedora, or Yellow Dog.

While Yellow Dog is based off of Fedora/CentOS/Redhat, it is PowerPC architecture only, and generally in the past had been the go-to for people looking to install linux on their legacy (pre-intel) mac machines.

Thanks for the info. I've already tried Debian, and found it to be too slow, but everything worked. I'll install Fedora 13 once it's officially done.

As to the problems I have with Ubuntu on PPC, I'm using Lucid.

No power management for the CPU, so the machine runs hot constantly.
LCD screen won't go into standby.
Letting the machine go into standby will instead go into hibernate, which crashes the machine, but manually putting it into standby isn't a problem.

There was a problem with the 3D drivers not loading, but that's fixed.
Was a problem with no battery loading up, but that's also fixed.
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