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there is nothing wrong with being proud of your race. this whole "race doesn't exist" this is BS.

I'll agree with you on the latter, but being proud of your race is pretty fucking dumb. Accomplishments aren't done by races of people, but communities within races. "White people" as a whole haven't done shit; it's the British, French, Germans, etc. that made those advancements and historical events. Those people in those nations, classes, and communities just happened to be Caucasian (and there's exceptions of non-Caucasians in those communities contributing as well). It's not even a guilt thing with me. I can think my Italian culture and history is neat as hell, but I don't go "wow, look at all the amazing things the white race has done" because that's fucking stupid.

Now with that said, I'm okay with black people here having "black pride" because to me that's a pride in the black community in America who have a shared history of oppression here. It's more than just enjoying one's skin color, it's taking both pride and ownership of one's culture.
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