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It's when the beer snobs and hipster fags start dishonestly indulging in fake outrage over the idea of consuming ANY beer that could ever be purchased in a convenience store that they get genuinely annoying. Used to have a coworker like that. He never missed an opportunity to make snide comments about whatever everyone else was drinking and then would go on to tell us about some wonderful new boutique or craft beer he'd just discovered at a bar none of us had heard of or cared about.

He claimed he'd rather not drink a beer at all if he couldn't have something "good".

Fast forward a few months to a friend's sunday backyard BBQ and who do you suppose was pounding Coors Lights with his hotdogs and salsa when there wasn't a microbrew in sight? Yep.

other day i'm bumming a smoke from a gay at the market and she says "if you dont mind camels" i'm like nope why do people scoff at your free smokes often and she tells me her co worker will only take american spirits when he's bumming smokes. i was like you need to bitchslap that dude
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