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Yeah, the site is absolutely unusable on a mobile device on regular browsers like FF, Chrome, etc., due to constant redirection to app/play stores by the advertisers.

You can use Tapatalk to bypass all this but Tapatalk (or genmay) doesn't render BB code properly so the rest of the userbase not using Tapatalk has to literally see the BB code in the post.

There's no real good solution on Android (I've tried ABP as a stand alone app for the entire device and that particular device's OS or as an app/addon to a specific browser or as a combination of the two with some relief, but it's minimal)

On iPhone/iOS I've found that paring the Ad Block app (not associated with ABP afaik and not free) along with the Dolphin browser blocks the redirects 100% of the time... but, c'mon, that's just too much work for most and totally shitty to ask people to have to go through all that just to view the site (I didn't mind researching and figuring it out, but most - ESPECIALLY NEW, YOUNG USERS ON MOBILE DEVICES - don't want to deal with that shyt).

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