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Originally Posted by ragmanlaw
Legalize? The drug is a plague to America. Don't anyone say it is not extremely addictive and destructive. I have seen numerous people start with "just pot" and destroy their lives. Some who even stick to "just pot" become complete losers within weeks. I'm Dem., so I am pretty liberal in many respects, but no legalization. We don't need to encourage the destruction of human life.
To bad its not up to you what people do with their lives or what I can do with my body. But hey, if you want to play the anecdote game to decide whats legal and whats not thats cool too.

I know a doctor, several students, ex-DEA agent, and a whole family who smokes pot that are some of the richest people I've ever met. By anyones definition they are succeseful and productive citizens.

I also know that most of my family are severe alcoholics, who've literally wasted their whole lives and millions of dollars feeding their addiction. Most of them are burnt out loser white trash now and I couldent be happier to rid of them.

People who think they have some right to control what others do privatley are everything that is NOT American.

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