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Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison
Hey, Jim <3 ules, You didn't deserve this because you can't guess numbers but anyways BREAK ON TH
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Originally Posted by ragmanlaw
Of course successful people do it (my fucking valedictorian from high school smoked pot EVERY weekend). Successful people rape, murder, kill, and have gay sex in the bathroom in the Capitol building. (it must be RIGHT if they do it) My point is it can't be controlled, neither can alcohol. (I am not an abolishionist, of course) Addictive substances simply are a plague, and to allow, justify, much less legalize any such substances is destroying lives. Like u said Jim Morrison, addictive substances fucked ur family, but rich Republican pot heads next store are doing fine. CRasch?? Did you really use the Grateful Dead as your example....I can say nothing more, you yourself must be a pothead, cause every reefer smoking dumbass I know brings them up to justify there wastral ways.
You're missing the point. You dont have any right to decide what people do with their lives or their bodys. You are using the government to enforce your views on morality.

That you view pot use as a plague ( ) is only a testament to your ignorance.
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