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Review: Blade Systems "SYRVIVAL"

The Slingshot Channel reviews the only knife that is also a slingshot: The "SYRVIVAL" by the German knife maker company "Blade Systems".

The knife is a tactical beauty in itself, made from high tech "Chipper Steel" and with an splash etched finish. It is super sharp and the canvas micarta handle is really perfect for a strong grip.

The sheath and belt system is up to top military standards with the Tek Lok belt clip and the Blackhawk Serpa QDS adaptor.

The Kydex sheath contains a whetstone to sharpen the edge should it ever become dull.

A fire starter kit can create enough sparks to start a fire at any time. (People pointed out to me that I am using the starter kit wrong in the video, have to slide the steel along the rod.)

The highlight and specialty of the "SYRVIVAL" is the slingshot attachment. It can be mounted to the grip of the knife in a few seconds, and then it turns the knife into a very effective hunting cattie. The original "Fish Hunter" bands that come with the product are amongst the most praised bands available today. They can deliver 27 Joules of energy, more than most air guns and in the same league as hunting bows.

The starting price for the knife is 305 Euros, the complete package with all the bells and whistles cost 508 Euros. Not cheap, but well worth it - a handmade beauty that is as efficient as it looks.

Here is the video:

+ YouTube Video
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The (German) website of Blade Systems can be found at:

The direct product link for the SYRVIVAL:

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