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I dunno if i want to sell it, i just don't like the trigger.
there;s alot of slack until i get to the point where a bit more pulls it.
if i do that, pull slightly until the slack is gone and then fire im alot more accurate.
if i just pull the trigger all the way back i suck.
im just bad at pistol shooting in general.
i might sell it just so i can buy another winchester 94.
i like the gun alot, i think part of it is the caliber, i think i'd like a 9 better.
but since im not gonna be carrying it and shit i won't really need it and don't have a home so don't need a home defense gun LOL which it would be good at.

Every pistol I've handled is like that (including a fancy Wilson Combat 1911). Getting where you can pull through the trigger break smoothly just takes a lot of practice - especially on the newfangled polymer guns where the stiff trigger is supposed to be a safety.

I'd be inclined to agree with Cody that the problem is you. You may not be flinching, but you're probably jerking the trigger.
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