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These are all really trivial "solutions" to a non-problem imo. Just invest money the old fashioned way, by transferring it. Want more in 401k? Do it.

"change" on a CC/debit transaction isn't really change, is it?

well, what I do is #1 I have S.T.A.R.T. (usbank) its not much but 200 bucks is better than 0 bucks

#2 due to my S.T.A.R.T. I get 20 off the top every paycheck deposited into my savings acct. As i meet certain goals my bank sends me a gift card with 50 bucks on it. I cheated and had my tax return sent to my savings acct and broke the thresh hold i need for goal 1. Then I took that 50 bucks and got a smoking hot CL hooker to deepthroat me for about 5 mins and ride me to the finish. (you have to shop hard for this it's not easy) so in fact for once in my life the bank fucked me in a manner i found enjoyable.

Oh yeah, and i round all that shit up in my head from debit/cc purchases to closest dollar (up ofc) and whatevs i got leftover come next paycheck i xfer to savings as well.

I opted out of my companies 401k program for 3 reasons.

1, the guy told me i cant borrow against it for shit like a new car or house down payment.

2, i succinctly explained to him my concerns about inflation of the dollar versus 401k profit margin @ 6% - 20 years. basically that money after taxes and inflation, given the rate i've seen personally in the last 20 years is over 100%. therefore in 20 years my 401k will actually be worth less than half of whatever the fuck it is if you use today money as a guideline. 200k would be like 85k today in other words.

3, he was a fucking prat and actually looked at me like i'm stupid after i got done expressing my concerns in #2
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