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I have TMJ also. My problems were started when my father hit me in the jaw when i was 15. Not only do I have constant pain, I have a constand reminder of him. My TMJ has been aggrivated due to me clenching my jaw due to stress. I understand what you are going through, trust me. There are days I cannot eat, because my jaw hurts so bad, and the headaches, yeah, constant headaches can be a drag.
There is no painkiller I have found that can alleviate the pain, from tylenol to oxycotin. Ice and heat help temporarily. I have also done some research into stretching and exercise that seems to be helping. I am also visiting a Maxillofacial surgeon, and I am going to be fitted with a bite plate to alleviate my jaw clenching. There are things that can be done, no, it will never go away, but you can make it bearable. I have even been having almost pain free days lately. If you want to talk, please, PM me. Don't give up on yourself.
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