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From what I understand, it is made of a similar type of plastic as a retainer, sometimes they're also called splints I believe. Apperently, it makes it more difficult to clench and grind your teeth (I do it all the time, I catch myself during the day with my jaw clenched) which can allow the muscles to relax, which is where most of the pain comes from, unless you have extensive bone damage, which usually only occurs when you have had major trauma, or have had the problm for many years. I got mine x-rayed, and the damage was minimal, so hopefully with this, I will be in good shape.
I also do alot of yoga type exercises, alot of stretching and relaxation. Also, some light weight training of the muscles around your shoulders seems to help, since it's all connected up there. Another thing to watch out for is bad posture. Massage of the face and neck muscles can help alot too. I've had this problem for about 7 years or so, I've had time to do research.

edit to add, yes, the bite plate is removable. Although, if it helps, I wouldn't want to.
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