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california is the most populous state with 37,253,956 people as of the 2010 census...

0.185% of the population is fleeing to texas...

how many people migrated to california over the same period?

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How is that even possible?

:citation needed:

Multipliers. It's basic macro shit (that is obviously more complicated than what you learn in Macro101). Basically,

Originally Posted by Some random SA Member who can summarize it better than I can
You fix a slow economy by putting money into it at the lowest economic level(ie through welfare) to spur demand on basic necessities. More demand means production is increased, more production means more low level jobs. These low level jobs start lowering unemployment, and as unemployment goes down, you not only need to spend less on welfare, but spending also starts increasing on luxury goods, creating a secondary wave of economic growth. You don't save after the recession hits because then you're just reducing the flow of money even more, you save while you're doing good economically to pump it back in to the economy in case of an emergency.

Here are some of the actual numbers:

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