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My M3 is Totaled...=(

So i was driving back at 3 am from a club. I was with my friends. I dropped off everybody and i started heading home. I was just cruising on a highway and i started to approach an intersection with some buildings around it. I had the green light and i was going about 50 mph in 45. I am entering the inresection and it the corner of my eye i see lights to the right side of me. Next thing i hear a loud ass bang, my body shifting to the right and then to the left and i see everything spinning. After few seconds of spinning i look around...I am in different direction then i was before. I get out of the car and look around. I see a fucking car wrecked about 30-40 feet from me. I look at my 2002 M3 and my jaw drops. From the front to passenger doors the right side is literally ripped off. The engine is almost out of its engine bay and everything is magneld up. I look at my self and i had few scratches here and there but nothign serious. I looked for my cell phone, i found it in the back seat. I called 911 for the cops, emergency vehicle and the firefighters about the accident and i approached teh other car. The car was totally fucked up. The front and the engine was inside the car. What i saw next was kinda nasty. I saw a bloody hand sticking out of the car and inside it was just pile of meat. The guy was sqoushed inside the car and really it didnt look like a human being. I waited not even a minnute and teh cop showed up. Right after the ambulence and firetruck. I told the cop what happened and the cop went to look at the other guy. He already knew he was dead cause it told him. WEll the firetruck arrived and they started to cut up the car. It took them a while but they got the pieces of the body out. It wasnt a very nice picture to see. Before that people asked me if im okay, they gave me few shits for the scratches and thats it. I told them i am a firefighter so i just stick around. From what the cop said the guys had to be going around 70-80 a saturn....a fibreglass car. They told me i was very lucky go get away with only minor scratches. The cop gave a ride to my house which is pretty close to the spot. I woke my parents up telling them what happend and i pretty much went to sleep. I was shaking a little bit but i was okay. I have to pick up my stuff from the car on monday....
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