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A key question arises about ascending social class and lighter skin color: is this genetics or environment? First, the aforementioned data from the various studies of the influence of Caucasian genetics in the Indian subcontinent infers a genetic component to help explain skin color variation by caste level. However, given the fact that lower level castes are more likely to work in outside occupations, in direct contact with the sun, we would expect increased melanin density and darker skin.

Therefore, both genetics and environment seem to play a role in the relationship between social class and skin color. But why is lighter skin favored? After all, the Caucasian genetics found in South India would seem to be maladaptive, at least from the perspective of countering the dangerous impact of higher levels of solar radiation.

The answer to this riddle may be in the relationship between cognition and melanin physiology. We have proposed a relationship between elevated levels of dopamine and lighter skin color. Further, we have also proposed a relationship between elevated levels of serotonin and darker skin color. Interestingly, serotonic inhibition of dopamine release is the most clinically important neurochemical interaction in the brain (Previc, 2009).

Melanin physiology has been under extreme selective pressure in the human species, which is why the genetics of melanin physiology are highly variant across the human genome, and correlate closely with latitude. Given the strong selective pressure of latitude on melanin physiology, there indeed may be evolutionary side-effects, such as with cognitive styles (see Skin Color and Political-Religious Disposition:

The dopaminergic mind, which seems to be physiologically associated with lighter skin, is indeed more politically conservative, more likely to organize for conflict and competition against other social groups, more likely to organize into dominance hierarchies, and more likely to ascend to higher levels within those dominance hierarchies. This might explain the ubiquitous and environmentally maladaptive relationship between lighter skin color and elevated social class.
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