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Stick or auto? You've got such a broad torque curve that I can see dumping a clutch or stalling the hell outta the torque converter causing some breakage with that much weight to snap into motion.

Either way, I'm sure it's a blast with that torque shelf; pretty much mash from anywhere and you're off.

It's stick.. I haven't owned anything auto in like 13 years, lol

The torque curve should be fun but I was hoping for a little more torque actually.. A lot of these cars when modded hit 390+ ft lbs, I think the deal here with mine is that most of the power is coming from the decent heads and cam package, which means torque isn't that crazy. If I had a better blower (a lot of people swap in Auto Rotors, TVSes, etc) and was making more boost that's where the big torque numbers would come in. So effectively this thing is basically like an LS1 or modded LT1.

He did recommend putting in a smaller jackshaft pulley which effectively increases boost a little so I had him put that on.. that's probably good for another 10 or 15hp. Also some aftermarket tensioner springs because you can see at the very end of the graph there was a little bit of belt slip.
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