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Originally Posted by karax
I'm all signed up for the MSF course, I'm so excited for this summer

But you listed the bikes I'm looking at save one: the yamaha Seca II. Do you happen to think that this would be a good beginner bike? Because I kinda really like them. I know they are an i4, but I've heard they can be a good beginner bike.

Congrats. Always great to see new people joining the fold

Yeah the Seca II is a nice little bike. It's much more rare than the ones listed above, but it looks good and goes well. It's actually pretty comparable to the EX500 except the riding position is more upright and it gets slightly better gas mileage. I think it makes like 5hp less than the EX.

If you can find a good price for one it would be a great beginner bike One thing, however, is used parts might be rather scarce. There's a crapload of EX500s and 250s at any wreckers, but usually very few Seca's.

Originally Posted by Kase's Underage Boyfri
dont forget to add the honda 599..

See....I considered it, but it's got almost 30hp more than the SV650, which I already consider to be a lot of bike for a beginner. It's my strong personal belief that any bike based off of a 600 supersport is a bit much for someone who's never ridden before. The 599 would make an awesome bike, but I like to err on the side of caution and with that in mind I'd recommmend staying away from it for a first ride.
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