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my vfr needs some rubber.

sportbiketrack gear has the single compound piolits for 225 shipped. i'm not to concerend about mileage as dropping 225 bucks a year on rubber is not an issue. i currently have dual compound conti's and i really really hate them. i spend to much time in corners and there is a huge hump in the middle of the tire.

any other recomendations?

Battlax BT-016

Conti doesnt use dual compound technology - they instead cure their rubber at different temps or some shit to get a gradient. I don't like it.

I LOVED my Pilot Road 2s (dual compound) on my old ZX600 and my BT-016 (also dual compound) is awesome on my DRZ. A VFR would tear up PPs like crazy, I'd go for a 2CT or BT016. Actually if it was me I'd go for a pilot road 3 but that's because I like my shit to last.
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