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Official Greed Monger Thread - Sandbox MMORPG

Today is the launch day for the Greed Monger KickStarter Campaign and we are thrilled with the interest we've had to this point.
If you were a fan of Ultima Online, you'll love Greed Monger.
Housing/Crafting Features
Non Instanced Player Owned Housing
Decorate Your House However You'd Like
Every Finished Item In Greed Monger Is Player Crafted
The More Land Parcels You Own, The Bigger House You Can Build
Greed Monger Is Free To Play
No Global Chat, Only Person To Person Above Head Chat
Player Vs. Environment Combat
Player Vs. Player Combat
Fast Map Travel System (Like Runes in Ultima Online)
Raid Monsters
Full Player Driven Economy
Player Written Lore Based On Adventures
Other Game Features
Community Events
Regularly Added Recipes and Plans For New Item Types
Charge Players Rent To Access Your Land (For Hunting/Harvesting Rares)
Ages Of Time and Technology will evolve with Population and Economic Growth (Into Space age - Different Planet)
Ever Growing Housing Style Options For Each Climate.
Multiple Climates/Landscapes Will Be Available At Launch
Resell Your Estate For Real Money In Our Estate Auction House
No Micro-Transactions (GM Fully Supported From Land and Estate Sales)
No Pre-Defined Skills Trees
Animals Only Drop Materials To Craft Items, Not Finished Items.

Visit our KickStarter Page for videos and more details.

I'll check this thread in case there are any questions.

We are also looking for contributing writers willing to support our efforts with any write ups on various websites.

If You liked Ultima Online, You'll LOVE Greed Monger.
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