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typhoon, take care of this for me.

Not this shit again. It all comes down to what you like. Me? I like drag racing. Automatics are absolutely, positively faster in that respect. With the advent of SMG transmissions and other twin-disc setups, you can shift stupidly faster than a manual. I use my paddles for roll-racing and they work like a damn champ.


Well, ya see, manuals don't dominate that anymore either, because gear-to-gear change speed effects lap times. I mean, does the new Audi R8 come in manual? Nope. Acura NSX? Nope. BMW M5? Nope. M6 at least? Nope. Any 2016 model Ferrari? Nope. Any 2016 model Lambo? Nope. WHAT ABOUT A PORSCHE 911GT3?! THAT'S A RACECAR RIGHT? IT HAS TO HAVE MANUAL!!!. .. Nope.

The new generations of Automatics give you lightning-quick shifts with either paddles or just a twist of the knob. You want to "choose what gear you're in when you want to"? Well all of the new trannies let you do that, and they do it 300 times faster than your row-the-boat method, and include rev matching.

Manuals are dead to me. And you also get the added bonus of when you're not out attacking Laguna Seca or drifting hard on Sunset boulevard, you can drive around without having to touch anything. You have an extra hand for phone calls, tuning the radio, taking a sip of coffee, or even finger-banging that hottie in the passenger seat. It's win-win-win-win-win to me.
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