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it really has nothing to do with addiction, proving its not as addictive as other substances physiologically means nothing and doesnt mean people arent going to abuse the drug when given the opportunity. it's more to do with what it does to people's mental states and brain chemistry with prolonged use . you don't see the effects of it that much because you're either not exposed to fucked up potheads who end up with brain chemical problems or you've never been a pothead yourself and feel what it does to you after a while. this issue is not as prevalent in the states because of how hard weed is cracked down upon and how much of a closet issue it is for most people . in canada where high grade cannabis is widely available and easy to abuse it is a much bigger problem.

its easy to smoke up once in a while and say oh yeah this shits great, it should be legal for me to purchase it and everyone should be doing it, but really if you were able to buy pot whenever you wanted you would either turn into a pothead that needed medical intervention/treatment or quit smoking all together because of how sick you'll get of how it makes you feel after a while and how much money you're blowing on it.

if it were legalized costs for people going to psychiatrists and psych wards would blow up like hiroshima and people who made a profit off of selling dope would turn to harder drug dealing to turn a profit. it will NEVER be legalized in the states, deal with it. i love smoking once in a while and i agree penalties for it in some places are way out of line, but I would not be happy for kids to be able to get their hands on it easily and for it to be accepted into mainstream society.

for more discussion on the effects of prolonged cannabis use check out

just like people do with acohol?

and getting weed for kids is not hard at all. There is more than often multiple kids in any given high school that will sell it to his friends to sell it to other friends etc. They don't even need to worry about getting an older brother or sister to buy it for them.
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