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ok dr pyramid. but all your long winded tripe in this thread has summarily been proven wrong. you are not a psychiatrist or have any intricate knowledge of human brain chemistry so you shouldn't be spreading your own propoganda so matter of factly.

check out the thread I posted above , I've known what it states for a while now, but was always told otherwise by people such as yourself that only know how to gather facts and arguments that fit their own agenda.

It amazes me that in the end you can ignore objectivity and mask it in your mind as subjectivity to feel right.

This is not a case of "one report says it causes schizo and another does not, both are valid". One report says it causes schizo, another report examines that report and shows that their means for the conclusion are incorrect, not with the thought "oh I don't like what this says, so I'll change it". But rather with the recognition that the first report was logically flawed. This is not subjective vs subject, this is subjective vs objective. Pyramid is not gathering facts on the side of subjectivity he likes, he is gathering facts on the side of objectivity.
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