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Originally Posted by damo
ok dr pyramid. but all your long winded tripe in this thread has summarily been proven wrong. you are not a psychiatrist or have any intricate knowledge of human brain chemistry so you shouldn't be spreading your own propoganda so matter of factly.
Proven wrong by who? Please don't take my word for anything, read the links I provide as they should be considered far more authoritative than I. I am just a person arguing on the internet with my own amassed knowledge. I don't claim to know everything about weed and if I do make any claim I usually cite a specific source so you can go check it out yourself.

check out the thread I posted above , I've known what it states for a while now, but was always told otherwise by people such as yourself that only know how to gather facts and arguments that fit their own agenda.
Please read all the reasearch available and draw your own conclusions.
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