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That fucker has two iPad's, obviously he is not in want.

I wonder what he is earning on those 'I live in a van down by the river and here is how I do it' self-help books. Kudos to him for trying and doing what he does, I just always see these sorts of fundme, patreon, insert hipster hand-out site here, and wonder why people pay into it instead of investing directly into a business idea, sending 100% of their money to a charity (instead of to a middle-man teenager that is taking a majority cut and making out that he is an angle), or funneling the money/product directly to those in need.

Regular Car Reviews did this, but they offer a product to us for it, entertainment. It is voluntary but such donations assure a continued stream of content from them and may improve the content quality along the way. I can appreciate that -- what will anyone get from this kid besides a photograph of him holding Tesla keys in one hand and hand-lotion in the other?
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