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I've lived in Boston for 5 years during college so here are some of my suggestions:
*First of all, Boston is a VERY walkable city and if it's nice out spend as much time as you can walking so you can see the sights and such while you're around. If you are traveling far or the weather is hot/rainy, take the T (aka subway). I'm sure the travel guides have info about that but if you have questions let me know.
*If you want to go to bars there are a few good spots (in my opinion). Faneuil Hall area can be fun but a lot of the bars have covers of $5-$10 on weekend nights. It's also a little dressier/classier than some of the other bar areas in the city (but it's not fancy by any means). Boylston street is loaded with bars that have no cover charges and are fun. There is an after work crowd there in the early evenings then becomes a younger crowd for late night. There are also lots of bars by Fenway Park which can be a lot of fun but after games they can get pretty packed. They tend to be a little more expensive for drinks because of the location.
*My favorite pizza place/bar is Penguin on Huntington Avenue because it's in my neighborhood. $3 pizza slices (the slices are 1/4 of a pizza!) and a massive beer list. If you end up near the Museum of Fine Arts its just a short walk to Penguin.
*Fajitas & Ritas is a restaurant downtown that has really good mexican food. It's really cheap and there are cheap drinks too.
*If you want to go to the top of the Prudential building for spectacular views of Boston, I suggest going to the restaurant Top of the Hub for a drink. If you go to the restaurant you get the same views of Boston and can grab a drink for far less than the cost of admission to the observation level. Eating a meal at Top of the Hub, however, is rather pricey.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. If I think of more I'll come back and feel free to PM with any questions.
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