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Originally Posted by GhEttOrAiD View Post
My character could be perfectly gemmed, enchanted, glyphed, specced and you fucks would still find something wrong and call me terrible.

And it's based on absolutely nothing, nobody on genmay has ever had the pleasure of grouping with any of my toons, yet you can extrapolate my skill level from an armory link.

What's the point in putting 80 gold gems into pants that are going to be replaced in a week? the crit gems were free, I needed crit, so I used them. I fucking did it, I blew 200g gemming pants that'll be replaced in no time flat, so good job Genmay WoW thread trolls.

The problem is, it's not. All too often you're using the wrong gems and making shitty gearing/glyph choices. We can extrapolate your skill level from everything you've posted and yes that includes your gem choices. It's not just the quality of the gems you've chosen, it's where you've put them, it's the stats you've chosen, and how you don't catch all of this first. You and I have gone over the warlock class several times in the last few years and no matter how many times I point something out you don't learn anything. If you want to be good, push every little bit out you can.

Also, 200g? Really? You're complaining about the cost of shit in WoW? It's so fucking easy to get gold. 10 months ago I was making over a thousand gold a day via the AH, Bill has posted a shit ton of info on how to make Gold. DM and I have both posted different methods of making gold. Gold is the absolute LAST thing a half decent player should have to worry about. 200g. Please. :facepalm:
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