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Question #1, Where is your CoE?
Question #2, Is Demo really the top dps spec again?

Edit: Goddamnit watching you be terrible at Warlock makes me want to play again -_- Not until Cata though. I can hold out that long. All of my toons have sufficient gear to make 80-83 retard easy, I don't have any reason to come back before then.

Demo is not the top DPS spec, I just want to get used to it because everyone is going batshit about how awesome it is on the PTR/beta. Afflic/Destro are basically within 2-3% of each other right now. I leveled demo, but raiding with it, actually keeping tabs on my pets health is something I want to get used to doing. And of course, as always, there are a lot of beneficial damage buffs that Demo offers to the raid

I haven't been using CoE, but I guess it would make sense because 90% of the time I'm just dropping shadow bolts.

Of course I used it for Destro, that's why its even on my bar down there.
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