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Norplant (levonorgestrel) is no longer available for two reasons:

1. It was so long term in its effects it had a very small profit margin for Wyeth (the company selling it). The company also found itself on the end of a few lawsuits in cases where the implants had broken during the removal process. In spite of the fact that this was almost certainly the fault of cack-handed physicians doing the removal, Wyeth found themselves footing the bill.

2. A very small percentage (well under 1%) of women claimed serious side effects from using Norplant, including permanently reduced/non-existent ovulation, endless periods, no periods at all, hair loss, mood swings, skin problems and a whole lot of other unpleasantness. Wyeth took the tactical decision to withdraw Norplant from new prescriptions to a) refute the allegations against Norplant and restore confidence with a view to reinstating it; or b) to research alternatives ("Norplant 2" or Jadelle, currently approved by the FDA but not marketed by Wyeth due to low public confidence in the implant system generally).
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