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I will offer some others:

Oral contraceptives range greatly in dosage and price. While the efficacy is similar, not everyone is made for every woman. Cheapest I have seen is Nortrel 1/35 (~$20-25) most expensive would be Ortho products, typically in the $40's. Seasonale is specifically designed to be dispensed in 4-cycle packaging, but is pretty expensive to have to pay for it all up front (91 days ~ $115).

Nuva ring is similar to the other brand names. A spring-diaphragm is the same as well. Depo-Provera is mid $50's

Plan B is roughly $25, and RU486 is not yet legal in the U.S.

The male oral contraceptive is still in clinical trials and has achieved a 100% efficacy thus far.

Honestly, as a guy my favorite is Ortho-Evra. Not only is it effective, but the guy actually sees if the woman is using it. Not this "hope she isn't trying to have a keep a n*gga baby." For those that the patch falls off, a replacement is available and comes with a $12 mail in rebate. Granted, the pharmacy may charge more than that and it is a hasle to go there, but the option is available.

I would have more/better info but I don't think we do contraceptves until mid 2nd year
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