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I had a question... I am always so worried everytime after my boyfriend and I have sex or mess around. Sometimes I know there is little or no chance of pregnancy but I always freak out. My cycle was always normal, but over the past months it has become irrugular. The past four months my cycle was 28 days, 35 days, 37 days then 41 days. Is it normal to always worry so much? I have nothing to worry about if we always use a condom and it does not break is that correct? There is no way to get pregnant if it doesn't break? Especially if he doesn't ejaculate inside?

Is there some other possible explanantion for my increasingly late cycles? I am an athelte but not to such extremes, it hasnt been delayed before. Otherwise nothing has changed since before. Please help! Thanks!

Worrying can cause stress which can delay your cycle. If you always use a condom and it doesnt break and he doesnt ejaculate inside then your chance of getting pregnant is probably less likely than being struck by lightning twice in the same day. You should really consider going on birth control as an additional measure. I was like you with my ex but now that I'm on the pill I dont worry at all.
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