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The network forums are useless. Why the hell are you trying to supplement Genmay?

You know what?

We were able to discuss these things in a civilized manner before Sanjay let open the flood gates to registration and didn't work on the existing community. If you keep watering a plant you are obviously going to drown the fucking thing and that's what happened. Morons kept being let in who had no idea how genmay worked. It pissed off the old people and pissed of the new people because nobody knew how to react to it. Even if the new people tried to find a sense of the old genmay, THEY COULDN'T!! Why in the hell did you get rid of the vault?

The Store?!?!?! Thanks for murdering that one. You could never give us a straight answer. It was always, maybe by the end of the week...and then 2 weeks...and then soon....then we were back to the end of the week. 6 MONTHS LATER people started to lose interest. 1 YEAR LATER by the time the store was here you jacked the prices so high that even the people who cared about the store now felt like they were getting screwed by the basic, affordable place that genmay was. That was the community base.

How about you guys unite your moderators and turn the exisiting place better instead of adding all of this cumbersome new shit that we aren't going to care about anyway. It's that fucking simple. Icw@ter doesn't even give reasons 90% of the time he bans, Sarah thinks this is her fucking 2nd job and you wonder why people are pissed off?

The administration allowed Sleeman to die because some crazy moody bitch played games with him and wouldn't listen to him. Stop kissing the slut after you get fucked by her, it makes you look like idiots. In the end Sleeman was posting so much to get any admin attention and you still looked the other way. In fact, you just decided to ban him instead.

Not like you will listen to this anyway, but I'm fed up with the jackassery that ensues around here. Between W_a_W thinking I stalk him on this place and DigitalMocking having a fucking period everytime I ban someone from games forum BECAUSE KLYPR DIDN'T ALWAYS HAVE SMOD POWERS is absolutely retarded.

Stop and get back on track. ASAP At this rate, I have a feeling the big meet will be a giant failure.


If you look at the mod logs Sanjay, DC raped all the thread titles last night.

Most of the time I don't like you, but I agree with you. "The store will be back in a few weeks." The vault ... and then add stupid network forum shit. Last night was fun, though. Not sure what else to say. Vault = check, store = check. I don't know about the new forums. Never been there. LOLOL

Edit: Yay, the vault is back! Ok, disregard my post. ++
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