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Here is a short video of it running. You can still hear some scratching and hum, but that is due to the volume and tone potentiometers (pots) being dirty. Cleaned those with some Deoxit...5? I think. The one safe for plastics. Most of the old pots are metal, but I keep the safe for plastic stuff around because it works on the old stuff and the new stuff.

+ YouTube Video
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lit up at night
by megalime, on Flickr

Then I went and cleaned up the case. I used some Old English wood stain and polish. It polishes, cleans and lays down a light stain all at the same time. This way, it fills in the little scratches. I also cleaned the knobs and the front panel up the best I could.

The final test was a "torture test". I turned the radio on, and let it run for 24 hours. Sounded just as good the first 10 minutes as it did the last 10 minutes it was on.

And that's all folks.

Restored Zenith K-731
by megalime, on Flickr
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