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Update: Since Chassis is done - Time to tackle the body and get a Model A body to fit over 32 frame rails.

First things first, I cut out the cancerous fender wells - This also helped me gain access to the Model A subrails that are going to have to be removed.

32 frames have a built in kickup in the back while the Model A frame is flat all the way across. To allow the body to fit properly, the subrails need to be heavily modified. Instead of spending countless hours building new subrails, I opted to pay for a set thats already built. Figured my time fabricating, materials, and frustration of fabricating is worth the money I'd have to spend on somethign that somebody has already done the dirty work on. So...steadfast subrails for a model A to 32 frame was purchased for $500. Really is a nice kit - think it was worth the money. Was very easy, and they follow the curve of 32 frame perfectly.

To further gain access to subrails, I also had to cut out the floor on the A - which kind of sucked, because, well, they were in fantastic shape and I hate going backwards to go forwards...but it was for the greater good.

Floors me nice clear view of the subrails that have to come out. This is scary as its support structure for the entire back half of the car. Ended up welding a cross brace in the trunk to keep it from collapsing inward as i cut out cross members behind the seat and in the trunk. The very back cross member was going to remain in place and give me a base to weld new subrails to.

Subrails are gone - no floor, no support.

But not for long - New subrails are in place. Can see how nice this kit really is. Made it really easy and had the old subrails cut out and the new ones tacked into place in about 6 hours...and that included a lot of staring, planning an attack route, cutting, measuring, measuring some more, fitting, cutting, measuring again, and tacking into place.

The kit included 2 new cross members, also has a nice little lip to weld new floors too.

Next, I just need to cut off the rear of the frame where the gas tank normally goes. '32 Fords had a rear gas tank that stuck out behind the car. These look like dog shit to me. Makes the car look like it has a full diaper running down the road. I'm not going to run the rear tank, and instead opted to put a big 18 gallon tank behind the car seat...kind of between the cab and the trunk. I'll build a wall behind the car seat to separate it from the cab and seal it well in an effort to keep fumes out. But its a brand new tank, very nicely built, I don't foresee any leaking issues with it.

Once I do some measuring, and figure out where to bob (cut) the horns off in the rear of the frame where the tank would normally go - I'm ready to drop the body on the chassis to make sure everything fits right. If all goes well, only minor, or no further adjustments will be needed and i can weld the new subrails fully into place. At this point, I can go ahead and modify the 32 grill shell, and put it on the car and it will be my first view of how my baby is gonna look.'ll be time to put in motor mounts. From there, All the really scary stuff should be done, and its just plugging away and finishing the build. My goal is to be driving it by next April. Doesn't have to be done, but i expect it to be road worthy enough to take me on a couple hundred mile road trip and back home without any issues (or running me into a semi like the '51 did last month).
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