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Thank you. I feel like my knowledge is lacking. I know enough to get me into trouble. Then I compare myself to real hot-rod builders who are true artist....that shit will blow your mind what they do and how easy it comes to them. I'm exhausted by the end of every day at the shop...and its not just from the manual is mentally draining. Don't let anybody tell you that this blue collar shit is easy. I work a white collar job that is mentally taxing and stressful as hell, but doing this fabricating and mechanical work - jesus christ....give me an excel spreadsheet, and numbers to analyze any day.

I could probably buy something pretty far along and save a lot of money and time...but I've only built 1.5 this point and want more experience and time in the trenches to gain more knowledge in the hobby. I'd like to build one more after this, then I'll probably call it quits and just buy from then on. Its cheaper and easier to buy somebodies abandoned project. But I want to know every fucking inch of this car. Want my hands to have been placed on every inch of it, if nothing more than bragging rights.

My goal is to "finish" this one, then build a matching model A roadster with the same set-up...highboy on '32 rails. I'd like to think i'd have a pretty good understanding at fabrication and car building at that point. Overall goal, I want 3 running/driving hot-rods in my collection. This 30/31 coupe is my dream car. Then want either a 28/29 or a 30/31 ford roadster on 32 rails. Then I want a bagged and/or chopped sled - late 40's early 50's era Chevy 2 door sedan preferably. Maybe an old shop truck, but Imagine i'll be running out of garage/driveway space at this point. All very long term goals.

I appreciate your humility but you're definitely selling yourself a bit short. Most people can't even change their own oil.

....shit,I think there's still a few states that still consider their residents too retarded to even pump their own gas
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