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Looks great man. I'm somewhat envious of the amount of time you have available for a project like this. I remember the days fondly when I could wrench after work, on the weekends, and whenever else. Nowdays if I can't knock something completely out in a few hours, I tend to just give up on the thought. I need more time.

I appreciate it. I don't spend enough time on it honestly. Especially if i plan on having it road worthy by next April. I only work on it on weekends, and don't even do every weekend. If i do work on a weekend, i'm only squeezing out maybe one day on it. Been slow going so far (in my eyes)..but chassis and prepping body were the hard parts I think. Have wanted a 2nd set of eyes on it with me through the entire process so far as I have about $20K invested at this point and don't want to screw up anything major.

Also, getting divorced helps a bit with the time constraints. Find myself with WAY too much free time. I should put it to good use and work out and work on hot-rod. Instead, I typically sulk in my own misery while watching TV and wait for death.
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