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Kind of funny you say that. I never even changed my own oil before I started this hobby 6 years ago. I could pump gas and change a tire and check my own oil, but that was about it. Now I have no problems tearing an engine down....although I do question myself about putting said engine back together. I tend to still need help setting valves, timing, and carb tuning.

I'm not self sufficient on building and mechanical work yet....still need to lean on people for help more often than I'd care too.

tearing things apart seems to be the relatively easy part compared to putting them back together and having them work properly.

as for oil changes.... I remember when I was a kid I couldn't fathom actually paying to have some greasemonkey change my oil and now I can't imagine bothering to do it for myself. I'd need hundreds of dollars worth of gear I don't have just to pull it off, and that doesn't even take into account the trouble of disposing of a couple gallons of dirty motor oil and ruining a tshirt.

I'll sit in a waiting room, drink free sodas, use my laptop on free WIFI and watch just enough to make sure the greasy boys are giving me the good synthetic stuff I'm paying for.
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