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Your "mechanic" installed a spark plug WITH ZERO GAP, apparently gave the car back to you running improperly when he was supposed to fix it, and apparently recommended an engine swap (that he wanted you to pay him beaucoup bucks to do?) without backing up his recommendation with any obvious diagnostic process.

Nothing this person did should just be assumed to be correct at this point. I'm not saying he's for sure screwing you; just that he's clearly not perfect, and may have made some other minor mistake that could be corrected with 15 minutes of poking around and 30 seconds of fiddling with hoses.

I'm sorry I can't get pissed off at this guy the way you are, and I understand it, on paper this situation sounds totally fucked but by all other indications he IS competent, so this very likely a simple mistake... We all make em.

I'll take pictures of my vac lines you can tell me if you see anything wrong... I don't hear any leaks... The most significant change he made was eliminating this "loopback" of pointless vac lines that were unnecessarily long and not actually doing anything important. He actually thinks that this tangle of hoses might have been keeping my idle artificially high
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