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My senior year of High School I worked at Arbys, and every single day at the end of my shift I had to go into the bathroom and clean all the shit that was guaranteed to be plastered to the seats of the toilets. However, one day, it was a bit different. The outside of the single toilet in the mens bathroom was immaculate, but the inside looked like it was filled with toilet paper and chocolate milk. The shade of brown wasn't so much like poop or even diluted poop, but chocolate milk. However, putting the plunger into the mass revealed its darker nature. After the first thick layer of toilet paper broke, I found five nice sized logs below. After the second layer, there was what looked like the source of the chocolate milk color: a massive amount of vomit. After the next layer laid 3 logs. After the next, there was a concluding mass of vomit and small turds that had found their way to the bottom, accompanied by a massive log that would make goatse whimper. Essentially, it was a mass of shit/vomit/toilet paper lasagna.

The only thing that I can make from all that was that someone shit out the massive log, clogged the toilet, and the 4-5 people after that simply shat and vomited into the mass, coating each previous layer with more toilet paper. In the end, I had to plunge this mass of nasty into the abnormally small hole of the toilet. Each careful plunge led to a bit of the chocolate shake nastiness to bubble up, a few drops jumping out. After finishing, three flushes managed to get rid of the persistant logs that remained.

Needless to say, I'm never working fast food again.
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