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Im not sure if im telling it right, but my brother told me this story a couple of months ago. He said it happened at his work. Apparently there was this old chinese lady that happened to have a problem controlling her bowels. She snuck into the employee washroom in the back and proceded to lay down a full spread of old people poop. I dont know if you have smelt/seen old people poop, but its a 100x worse than regular shit. The disease that also caused her to not control her bowels also made her shit some greenish color crap - and it reaked.... bad. Getting back to the full spread, apparently she sprayed the whole toilet, floor, and wall with her crap. I guess she decided not to tell anyone because she snuck out and left. No-one found the mess until the next day (employee washroom in the back which no-one really used much) and by then it had dried up somewhat, and had also left the whole shop reaking of crap. They had to close for the day and leave all the doors and windows open until the smell was gone.
"MR2s are are known to kill people on a whim. If you even get near another car in traffic, the MR2 will instantly oversteer and hit it, and then you'll explode and die in a ball of flames."
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