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we used to have one of those power shower heads at my house. I didn't really like soaping up my hand and shoving it up my ass so i just used the mega-jet function on the head. Well, one day i was commiting such an act and i guess i squirted something sensitve because i shit ALLOVER the fucking tub! In a panic, i used the mega-jet to spray all the shit down the drain, then i poured shampoo out were the shit had been to try and mask the smell. i got most of it out, and nobody seemed to notice.

it was still embarrasing though

edit: i was probably 14 at the time

1. use super-jet shower head to wash ass
2. hit some kind of pooper nerve
3. shit allover the tub.
4. drain pooper and use shampoo to hide smell
5. ...
6. profit killed itself
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