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Originally Posted by OmegaAquinas
Generally speaking, unless you put all of your points into charisma you're fine.

You won't have the "optimum" attributes for rapid learning, so it'll take you anywhere from an extra 5 minutes to 5 days to learn a skill.

If you have more than 1M SP, its not really worth it to restart.

I made an Achura Monk with 3pt in percep and 2pt in INT. however, I chose level Caldari frigate and if caldari ships are crap, I just wasted 95k SP which I could have put towards an Amarr vessel or Minamatar.

My Stats at Char Creation are Cha:3 Int: 10: Perc: 12 Will: 8 Mem: 6

edit: My guy is 1.5 days old
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