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Well, if you agent farm for fun and profit, you want to get out of the level 1s and 2s ASAP. Connections skill at 3 is a minimum--adds a full point to your effective standings at 3.
The base Social skill also increases your rate of standings climb. So you could save yourself a LOT of grinding by getting them.

The Negotiations and various special area connections skills increase your payout and LP gain. LP is where you make your money via skillbook and implant offers and resales.

As for the Lvl 1 Worlds collide....its a great mission for payour and standings game. The key is to get into a fast frigate, load on shield/armor repairs, a nice afterburner, and RUN through the first 2 rooms. Take the gate on the left in the first room--its the easier one.

Then when you get to the last room, the enemies are easy. A blaster or missile setup will dispatch them quickly, then pick up the survivors and warp out to collect the reward.
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