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Roy L Lennigan of the DEA
Originally Posted by keer sucking gewk
how the hell is candy, sports, books, soda going to harm my child?

he was saying that marijuana is addictive in the same way that eating candy or playing sports is. its only psychological; some people are less prone to it than others and vice versa.

Originally Posted by keer sucking gewk
are you retarded, if he were addicted to marijuana, he could possibly go driving and kill himself, or maybe even commit crimes for money to get his drugs... and once he sees how amazing marijuana is, he will go get OTHER drugs that are worse!!!

p.s.... im not a parent, im just speaking hypothetically heer

its a good thing you're not a parent. if the kid is stupid enough to actually do shit like that, he probably wont need weed to start doing it in the first place. smoking pot would just be a result of that. most kids start doing drugs because they're around friends that do it. most kids act like they do because of the friends they hang out with. that and their parenting. if you don't want your kid committing crimes or doing stupid shit, don't raise him like a sheltered dumbass. the child is only the result of the parenting.

why the fuck do people blame a fucking plant for their problems?
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