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Well think about it. They certainly cannot be any slower than 4 cyl Rangers or Tacomas already were

2.7l in a Tacoma was by no means fast but it could get out of it's own way with the off idle tq it had. The upper revs were the big weak spot.

2.7l still only makes a tad above 150hp. The Tacoma is about 1200 lbs less.

The. 2.0 eco makes 240hp when not strung out too much. That be enough I bet but for better off idle tq they should probably up the displacement to around 2.4l. So more tq and keep the hp the same. If you get it close to 300 then there is no point to the 4 cyl and you should just buy the non-turbo V6.

I would think another 100 hp and more tq could easily move around another 1200 lbs. or less if they cut weight. No high boost either so it can run regular gas reliably.

We'll see...

So Ford is following the Japanese 80s/90s strategy of making an efficient truck that has what you need and lacks what you don't compared to the traditional US truck marketting where unless you have half a dozen liters you're a faqqot

Personally, if i drove around with an empty bed like everyone else around here I wouldn't give a shit if it was full sized or not.... Put that 2.0 eco into a compact chassis and that sounds a lot cooler.
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